Pennsylvania Poker Games Now Being Dealt at Parx Casino Online

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If you’ve ever been inside a casino, one of the first things that may grab your attention is the abundance of video poker machines located all throughout the gaming floor. Video poker continues to gain popularity among the masses because it is easy to play and the cost of one hand is relatively small.

Most of the time, you can play video poker for as little as 25 cents. Most experts suggest that you use the maximum wager in video poker in order to unlock the royal flush bonus. If you aren’t placing the maximum wager, you may not qualify for the royal flush bonus when it hits.

Pennsylvania Poker at Parx Casino

One of the largest and most respected gaming establishments in Pennsylvania is the Parx Casino entertainment complex. Parx is known for world class cuisine, thoroughbred racing and gambling. Given that it is the largest casino in Pennsylvania, Parx has something for everyone included those who are looking for video poker variations.

Parx online casino offers some of the best Pennsylvania poker games in the market. Lets say you are visiting the state of Pennsylvania but you can’t make the short drive to Parx casino. Instead of missing out on all of the action, Parx casino online was designed to provide you the same action packed gaming options directly to any of your internet connected devices.

How to Play Video Poker

Video poker takes just a few minutes learn and perhaps an hour to master. In fact, did you know that strategies exist to help you maximize your return-to-player rate for video poker? Video poker games were introduced in the 70s and now dozens of variations of the game currently exist.

The general idea behind video poker is that you are given 5 cards and you can select as many cards to hold as you wish. Once you hit the deal button, the cards you didn’t hold are replaced by card from the deck. The computer’s random number generator determines which cards replace the ones you’ve thrown away.

Because video poker allows the player to make these sorts of powerful decisions, video poker is certainly a game where skill plays a big factor in the outcome of a hand. For example, if you are dealt a hand that qualifies for the pay table and you refuse to keep holding those cards, you’ve effectively given up any skill advantage you had because you are turning down a guaranteed payout in efforts to hit that elusive royal flush.

The Advantages of Pennsylvania Video Poker

The biggest advantage of the video poker available for consumers over 21 in the state of Pennsylvania is the ease of use. Many states are not permitting online gaming at this time and Pennsylvania is at the forefront of online gaming innovation. Given the fact that Pennsylvania poker options are so freely available, residents and those visiting the state are able to logon and play video poker without having to put gas in their tank, find parking and stake out a video poker machine.

Pennsylvania Poker Games Now Being Dealt at Parx Casino Online

With Pennsylvania poker options now being able to be delivered legally through PCs and handheld devices, users from all over the state can logon and logoff whenever they’d like. This puts players at an advantage knowing that they can enjoy their favorite casino games in the privacy of their own homes. Since online games have lower minimums, those want to practice video poker can do so online in a safe, secure and regulated environment.


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